Pelvic Floor 2.0

You know you should strengthen your Pelvic Floor.

You have tried to strengthen your Pelvic Floor…& it hasn’t been successful.

What if there was a plan that was already written for you?

A plan that was effective, comprehensive…& only takes about 10 minutes a day?

What if there was a plan written by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

A plan that is extremely affordable?

Pelvic Floor 2.0 is the Plan you have been looking for!

Monthly workouts for your Pelvic Floor- Choose from 2 options

Pelvic Floor 2.0 Tiers

Tier 1

Monthly Live Group Call:

1. Demonstration of all the exercises for the month.

2.Modifications for each exercise, ways to make each exercise easier or more difficult.

3.Common mistakes with each exercise to take notice of.

Replay sent out after call.

PDF of Monthly Pelvic Floor Plan

($60 value)

$15/month Cancel Anytime

Tier 2

Same as in Tier 1, plus:

Monthly Group Q&A Call

Access to Pelvic Floor 2.0 Insider

Pelvic Floor 2.0 Insider

Monthly Masterclasses on Women’s Health Topics

Weekly Exercise Videos

1 Workout from No Kegels Fitness

($170 value)

$47/month Cancel Anytime


“I didn’t know what I didn’t know! After working to get my pelvic floor strong and stop peeing every time I would jump, I didn’t think I needing to keep strengthening! But it takes a little bit of time because Pauli REALLY knows what she is doing with her programs.” T.M.

“I didn’t think that a workout program that was so short would be so helpful! I was skeptical that her program would work, but I have stopped leaking, my legs are stronger, and I even feel more athletic. Consider me a client for life!” P.C.