Always Running to the Bathroom?

Feel like you can’t go anywhere without “going” just in case?

Do you know where every bathroom in town is?

Frustrated that your whole day revolves around going to the bathroom?

Do you think you don’t get much done because of all the time you spend going to the bathroom ?

Ready to get your life back and be in control of your bladder?

How is this Possible?

The Bladder & the Brain work to tell you when you have to “go.”

Your Pelvic Floor is what helps you “control the go.”

Using these 2 principles, you can decide when it’s time to “go.”

It can be so frustrating to feel that you have no control over your bladder.

It can even feel like you have no hope because everyone says “that’s what happens when you have kids!”

Nothing has gone wrong!

But the bladder needs direction to behave the way it was designed to.

Spoiler– giving the bladder a little direction is actually very easy…

What if you could walk by a bathroom without needing to go?

What if you could easily go to the store without planning every bathroom stop before you leave?

What if you could FINALLY get control of your bladder & get your time back?

So now what?

What’s Inside:

Multiple Video Trainings on Bladder & Pelvic Floor Function

Trainings on Techniques & Behaviors to Implement Immediately

Real Life Examples with Commentary & Advice to Improve Bladder Habit s

Printables to Support your Bladder Control Journey

$597 Value


“I didn’t think that I would see changes in 3 days with this content.” TA

“I had no idea that my bedtime snack was what was keeping me up peeing all night. Pauli found the culprit within a matter of seconds.” AW

“The techniques she taught me helped me get a good night’s sleep for the first time in years.” LP

“I can now decide when I go to the bathroom, and before this, I couldn’t walk by a bathroom without needing to go or I would pee my pants.”


How long do I have access to End the Urgency?

End the Urgency is lifetime access and you will get access to any updates that are added to the program in the future.

What is different about this program?

While medication can be helpful, there also can be many side effects that are undesirable. You might be looking for solutions that are natural and don’t have side effects.

This plan take a deep dive into your bladder habits and how to address them. Unknowingly, most of our bladder problems come from our bladder habits.

If you are able to improve the “unhelpful” bladder habits, then you are able to improve the bladder problems.

I have tried everything. How do I know if this will work?

There is no guarantee that anything will work, however, it is rare that the foods & fluids you put into your body are considered as part of the problem.

Spoiler–the foods & foods we put in our body affect how our bladder behaves.

This program is not restrictive, but it gives you information to determine how your body is responding, and then the decision is yours if you would like to remove or lessen certain items.

How soon will this work?

Pauli has used the same concepts & principles with her patients & clients for over 13 years, and the content inside this program is the same information that she teaches her patients.

It is common to see positive changes within the first week.

Hi! I’m Pauli and am so glad you are here! Not only have I treated the Pelvic Floor in men, women, & kids for over 13 years as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. I also founded No Kegels University™ for YOU!

I strongly believe that you need access to effective & efficient information for your Pelvic Floor, for you to be able to solve Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health issues in a clear & effective way– welcome to No Kegels University™!