Can’t jump on the trampoline because you pee?

Do you wish you could say “yes” to playing with your kids?

Do you feel like your body will never be the same because you had kids?

Do you wish that you could keep up with the “jumping” in certain workouts?

It is possible!

Think of what it would feel like to not have to skip the “jumping” in your workouts?

Let me show you the WAY!


Using the VAB3 Principles

But if we consider how the Pelvic Floor works- it contracts in response to Vertical Motion (i.e. jumping)

The “V” in the VAB3 is Vertical.

How will we [

No matter the phase of Postpartum (4 months or 7 years), you will know exactly how to choose exercises that are appropriate for your body’s status.

The programming uses the current research & knowledge of how the core & abdominals work (Spoiler- the core doesn’t always “turn on” first, so we don’t have to “tighten/engage/brace!)


What past students have said:

“I tried someone else’s program and I was always in tears because I couldn’t figure out how to do the type of muscle activation I was supposed to. Once I did it Pauli’s way, I actually enjoyed working out again. All she has you do is to focus on the exercise.” FS

“I have always felt weak with ab exercises. I followed the method, and just knew I couldn’t do any of the exercises, but the way it’s taught, I didn’t realize I could do more than what I thought .” SC

“Pauli has a way of making exercise easy and fun. The way all the influencers teach this online was difficult for me and it never crossed my mind that strengthening my core could be easy and fun. I am so glad I am doing this .” LG

“In this program, Pauli talks about it not about aesthetics, but about strength and function. I disagree with her, because my stomach has never looked so flat, and I have never felt so strong! Her exercises are challenging, but easy to do. I can’t even believe how strong I am and how strong I look. She should talk about the “looks” more!”

“I thought my back pain was from being overweight, but I have lost weight, my back pain is gone, and I can now exercise in ways I didn’t think possible after doing this program.” WK

What’s Included?

  • 1 Video Training Session on program instruction & benefits of trampoline for women & their Pelvic Floor
  • Exercise Demonstrations of Program Exercises
  • Same programming my patients are given in the clinic
  • $500 value

Trainings $250 value

Exercises $250

Total Value $500

Offered at $47


How long will I have access to this content?

Trampoline Strong is Lifetime Access!

Will doing this program solve my leakage?

While it could be entirely possible, Trampoline Strong does not walk you through the No Kegels University™ Method, which would help to solve your leakage–so it would be difficult to give a resounding “yes!”

Trampoline Strong is designed to help you have the confidence to jump on the trampoline. Think of it as the final step to allow you to jump on the trampoline!

How do I know if Trampoline Strong is a good fit for me?

If you are currently leaking, or freshly postpartum, then the Your Pelvic Floor Your Way plan or the Bye Bye Leakage plan would be a good fit.

If you are in Phase 4: Maintenance Mode, this would be a great addition to maintaining your progress!

If you are still unsure & are wanting to know if this is a good fit email pauli@beyondthevbypauli.com

How will I access the information, and what format does it come in?

The entire program is housed inside Thrivecart. You will have your own login to the program. The content is a video training, videos of exercises, & PDFs of the workouts.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this digital product, there will be no refunds. Be sure to check with your medical provider before beginning any exercise routine. When other students have found themselves struggling with content or not reaching their goals- it has typically been due to lack of consistency, not performing the phases in order, or expecting extraordinary results from their body in short time frames.

Hi! My name is Pauli. I not only have been practicing as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for over 13 years, but I founded No Kegels University™- an online university where women like you can get the help and the education that they ACTUALLY NEED!

I have had the privilege of helping thousands of women strengthen their pelvic floors in ways they never have experienced (Kegels don’t work!). I currently have a Physical Therapy clinic with a long waitlist, which is the 5th Women’s Health clinic that I have helped create from scratch or grow to a long waitlist.

There is no reason that women should have to struggle to recover from having kids when there ARE ANSWERS! I am on a mission for all women to know how to effectively and efficiently strengthen their Pelvic Floor! It is absolutely possible for you to stop leaking, enjoy intimacy, and feel proud & confident of your body– even after kids– no matter how long it has been!

So glad you are here!