Do your Full Body Workouts include your Pelvic Floor?

Struggle to find time to do Kegels?

Don’t know how to strengthen your Pelvic Floor– but still want to workout & not sure where to start?

There is Leg day

There is Back day

There is Arm day

woman exercising using dumbbells

We know we need to strengthen our Pelvic Floor.

But we forget to.

Or we don’t know how.

Then we start trying again, and realize we don’t have time to fit it in.

What if there was a program that you could get your workout in & EFFECTIVELY strengthen your pelvic floor at the same time?

You would probably feel accomplished because you:

  • got your workout in
  • felt the endorphins
  • managed your stress
  • reaped the other benefits of exercise
  • strengthened your pelvic floor
  • felt like you were REALLY taking care of ALL your body

All 7 Major Muscle Groups Included:







Pelvic Floor*

*Utilizing the VAB3 Method

What’s Included?

The Principles behind No Kegels Fitness Training

The VAB3 Method Training

Video Demonstrations of each Exercise

Written Handout of each Workout

$127 value


What are so many workouts MISSING?

Consideration for the female pelvis, the female body, the female hormones.

It is well known that the female pelvis is different than the male pelvis and the female hormones are different from males…..

So where are the workouts for the female body?

You wouldn’t wear men’s sweats & expect them to fit your body.

Then why do you use men’s workouts?

No Kegels Fitness

It addresses the female pelvis and what it needs for health & strength.

It considers your hormones and has measures to help.

It includes strengthening for the Pelvic Floor in EVERY workout.

Are you ready for the workout that was designed for YOUR body?