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How do I know if I need Pelvic Floor PT? Do you treat________?

If you had a baby….

If you have a pelvic floor….

If you leak, have pain with sex, abdominal pain, pain with pregnancy, painful periods, back/hip/pelvic pain constipation, prolapse, endometriosis, postpartum issues, C section, have had unsuccessful attempts with PT in the past….

There are a lot of diagnoses and issues that can be treated with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, and so rather than listing 100 diagnoses,  please feel free to contact me if you are curious. I would be happy to do a free 15 minute phone consult.

What should I expect at a visit?

Each visit is 60 minutes, however, there are circumstances in which a longer appointment can be scheduled. You will have filled out paperwork before your visit, so the appointment can be spent working with you on whatever your specific goals may be. Saying that an evaluation will be performed at the first visit is a little misleading, as each visit I am continuing to evaluate and assess your response to treatment and exercises. Because of this, your plan is updated each visit so you are constantly making progress.

An internal pelvic floor exam may be performed, but rest assured this is at your pace and your discretion. I may recommend it as part of treatment, but I respect and honor informed consent. This means that I will present you with all my thoughts regarding your body, its areas of dysfunction and limitations, and give you my suggested options to help you achieve your goals, but ultimately you decide what you’re agreeable to or not (this is applicable to ALL medical and healthcare services!)

I strive to provide treatment that allows you to notice a difference quickly, either immediately upon leaving or in the next few days. I take it seriously that you are seeking to change your body and how it functions. I will always give “homework” for you to work on and that can be as little or as much as you prefer.

It has been mentioned by patients that they feel like they are hanging out with a friend or a sister. Of course there may be times when certain treatment techniques may require a “medical” feel.

Why do you perform an internal exam?

This is a common, but important question! If you went to see a Physical Therapist or a doctor,  had knee pain, and they did not even look at your knee, only talked about it– you might question their abilities. 

The pelvic floor muscles are all accessible by an internal pelvic floor assessment/palpation (some hip muscles are even more easily accessed through internal assessment/palpation). I do not always suggest that this be performed first, but there are a number of reasons that it may be necessary. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask prior to or at your appointment so I can better tailor my answer to you and your body.

How is this going to help when I have been to Physical Therapy before? How is this going to be different than buying an online program?

Oftentimes having another set of eyes and having someone with different experiences can provide a different outcome. I strongly believe that having a large bag of “tricks” ( many manual therapy techniques, exercise and stretch creation based on your body, & more!) is helpful in providing different approaches to determine what options are the best for you. We all know that every BODY is different, and so every BODY needs a different approach. 

Buying an online program gives you mostly generic advice, nothing that is customized to you, your goals, your limitations, or your history. Your body has experienced different things and has different genetics than the next girl and to honor that, you deserve programming that is customized to you, by someone who has hands on experience of working with thousands of women. 

You keep talking about women, do you see men and kids?

There is a lot of talk a lot about women, but men and kids have pelvic floors too! I do treat men for pelvic pain and incontinence, as well as kids for constipation, bed wetting and leaking. There is a lot of need for this, and not a lot of exposure or education. Please contact me with questions or for a phone consult.

Does insurance cover this?

Yes they do–depending on your benefits! The structure is a little different than most Physical Therapy clinics. I have you pay upfront (don’t forget to ask about specials or bundle pricing), give you the information needed to submit the claim to your insurance yourself, and you can receive the reimbursement based on your benefits. I do have a worksheet that can help guide the conversation with your insurance to determine your specific benefits.

How long do I have to come before I see results?

This depends on what you are being treated for, your goals, and how long you want to come. Please know that I am incredibly mindful of the money and time on your part that is invested in this. I will respect and attempt to create a plan based on your specifics needs and restrictions that will be the most effective. I often have patients that want to come for a few visits, and then attempt on their own for a month or so before returning…not a problem! I have some patients that want to come once a week for 3 months until they are 100%…not a problem! That being said, my typical recommendation is 1-6 visits, with assessments each time. My goal is not keep you as a patient for long periods of time….unless you want to come for a long time!

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