The Ultimate DIY Program

It is time for you to regain the body you had before babies

It is time for you to choose YOU & prioritize YOU

It is time to strengthen your pelvic floor on your own terms

Too many times- you have said “I don’t have enough time, I’ll do something for me later.” When is LATER? What if LATER was today?

Motherhood wasn’t supposed to be this way.

You knew it might be hard…

Staying up late with crying babies, cleaning mess after mess, nagging the kids to listen, running kids to their activities.

But now…

It feels like your own body isn’t doing what it did before the kids came.

You struggle to play with the kids because its exhausting to have to remember to wear a pantiliner or have to go change your underwear after.

Being spontaneous with your kids (because that is the mom you thought you would be) doesn’t feel possible because running to the bathroom before playing–isn’t spontaneous.

Not being able to wear the colored leggings or do the workouts you used to have you feeling irritated because clothing options or workout choices were never dependent on the state of your bladder.

Until now.

What if you could stop leaking in the next 2 months? With 10 minutes a day?

What if you could feel proud of the body that birthed your beautiful babies rather than feeling frustrated for the changes that came with pregnancy and birth?

What if you could do it all on your own? With your kids & babies around– if you want them to be! Even in the pockets of time you have throughout the day.

Created because of so many requests for DIY option using the No Kegels University™

Course content including trainings, workbooks & exercises.

Enroll now and get immediate access to every training, a beautifully designed workbook, & 50+ exercises.

Value-packed trainings on the 4 Phases of the No Kegels University™ Method.

No fluff. Straight to the point trainings that don’t take up precious Mom time. These are impactful, with step by step activities to get you implementing quickly.

A beautifully designed workbook to keep you on track and help you work through the lessons with ease and simultaneous build your own Pelvic Floor Plan.

Print it out, keep it in a binder and stay on track without taking notes in random notebooks.

Lifetime access to the program & exercises.

Come back to the trainings whenever you need a refresher or are wanting to change up your Pelvic Floor Plan. It’s a work in progress and with each season or challenge, you’ll have the tools to create a new plan that matches your season so you can continue to have your life. 

In depth video trainings on No Kegels University™ Method

$1500 value

Workbooks for each training

$250 value

Videos of 50+ Exercises

$450 value

$2200 value


This isn’t a one size fits all plan. You use the No Kegels University™ Method to fit you & the season you are in! Your Pelvic Floor Your Way meets you where you are at & allows you to come back to it again & again as you need!

What you’ll gain from Your Pelvic Floor Your Way is unmeasurable:

more time with family

less money spent on appointments & pads

more mental space

improve athleticism

increased energy

a Pelvic Floor Plan that you enjoy doing

the ability to create plans based on your season of life & interests

stop leaking

feeling proud & confident of your Postpartum body


It is my mission that women have access to effective & efficient ways to strengthen their Pelvic Floor & return back to the way their body once was—without Kegels.

It is possible. There are answers & you will find those answers here!

Thousands of women have had success with my method & I invite you to join us!