Trouble Pooping?

Is Pooping Painful?

Dreading another week hoping you have a bowel movement?

Frustrated that everything you have tried has not worked?

Tired of feeling bloated or having stomach pain?

Ready to feel the urge, sit down, and comfortably poop– without ALL the Drama?

How is this Possible?

Constipation is often misunderstood & mistreated.

Using the Two Pillars of Constipation you WILL be able to:

Poop without Pain

Poop without Straining

Poop without relying on Supplements

It can be feel heavy & overwhelming to figure out how to poop every day–especially when you know that’s what you’re supposed to.

It might even feel easier to give up & take laxatives or other supplements to help you poop– because you have been trying SO many different things.

So… what should you do?

What’s Inside:

Multiple Video Trainings on Constipation, Digestion Function

Trainings on Constipation Techniques & Behaviors

Real Life Examples with Commentary on Techniques & Behaviors to Implement

Bonus Training on Miralax

Printables to Support your Constipation Journey

$667 Value


“I thought I was going to be dependent upon Miralax my whole life. This changed everything for me!” DS

“I used to poop every 7-9 days and doctors gave me so much medication and nothing worked…until Pauli helped me see that I could do this with food. I owe her my time back.” KV

“I never thought I would enjoy pooping. I now poop every day and I feel good no matter what stage of pooping I am in.” CB


How long do I have access to Conquer Constipation?

Conquer Constipation is lifetime access and will get access to any updates that are added to the program.

What is different about this program?

There are many things missed or forgotten when discussing Constipation, but the body knows what to do and we sometimes can interfere with that.

This plan take a deep dive into digestion & habits that are contributing to what’s happening in your “pipes” as well as how your Pelvic Floor is contributing to your Constipation.

Pauli has had extensive training in nutrition & digestion and combined with improving Pelvic Floor function, this program has proven successful with the men, women, & kids that Pauli has treated in the clinic and now for No Kegels University™ students.

I have tried everything. How do I know if this will work?

There is no guarantee that anything will work, however, it is rare that the basics of your body are addressed. Our body is meant to use food and the nutrients within them to encourage digestion and proper evacuation (pooping). The Pelvic Floor also was designed to assist with evacuation, however, there are so many factors that can interfere with proper function.

This program goes back to the basics in how your body functions naturally & physiologically, which is RARELY considered in Conquering Constipation.

Will this work for my kids?

Pauli has treated kids for over 10+ years, and the content inside this program is the same information that she has taught the parents of her patients so they are able to eliminate their bedwetting & constipation issues.

Hi! I’m Pauli and am so glad you are here! Not only have I treated the Pelvic Floor in men, women, & kids for over 13 years as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. I also founded No Kegels University™ for YOU!

I strongly believe that you need access to effective & efficient information for your Pelvic Floor, for you to be able to solve Pelvic Floor & Women’s Health issues in a clear & effective way– welcome to No Kegels University™!