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I am a Mom, Wife, & a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

“Serving women and providing exceptional care is something that you do incredibly well and have for a long time! You promise to treat everyone like your best friend or sister, and you do! There is no one that I will ever meet that will have my best interest at heart like you do. I can’t thank you enough for noticing that I was not getting better as fast as what you wanted, and for finding a way to get me better faster! Being treated by you was like seeing an old friend, even if you were working on my private parts. You remember the things that I said, and what was happening with me and my family. You walk the walk when you say that you care. I  haven’t had the best experiences with healthcare, then you came into my life and are the reason that I got better and can enjoy life again.                                                                                   

-L.S. (from a note shared with her permission)

First– let me thank you for even being here!

I never had imagined that this is where my path in life would take me- not even in the least!

I went into Physical Therapy school thinking that I would work with kids. I was quickly saddened to learn it was not my calling– they kept telling me I was being a “mother” not helping with their therapy.

It is somewhat of a long story as to how I got into treating the Pelvic Floor, but the part that matters was my clinical rotation in Louisiana–& I did NOT want to be there.

I quickly recognized that so many women were really struggling & their lives were legitimately affected by their pelvic floor not doing what it should or could. I also realized that there were answers.

Night 3 of my rotation I was battling with not wanting to be there & feeling like I could help these women because of what I knew. I heard a voice say:

“It’s NOT about you. It’s about THEM.”

That was a pivotal moment for me as Day 4 of my rotation, I jumped all in. For them, and for you.

I have been privileged to have many mentors pour their knowledge into me, challenge me, & encourage me in helping women.

While pregnant with my first child, I felt strongly that I needed to help more women, but I also felt called to create a schedule that allowed me time with my new baby. Maybe online programs & plans could work?

I jumped in and put together a Beta group to test my methods-because I knew that I could help any woman in the clinic, as I helped start or grow 4 Women’s Health programs at that time. Each week I would create & send out exercises & programs to over 20 women–while morning sickness was trying to interrupt my efforts.

It WORKED! & many of them were not consistent, got deterred– but all they stopped leaking.

I put that idea on hold, as my baby & ALL that Postpartum brings, needed my attention, and then another baby came!

Soon after, I wanted to do better for my patients. I didn’t believe that the clinic I was at was set up to serve women in the way they needed & deserved.

So Beyond the V Physical Therapy clinic was created–& I am here to tell you that I wish I could say that was hard, but it wasn’t! The women of my community believed in what I had to offer, and it thrived (& still is!)

A few months after this, I heard that voice that I heard in Louisiana, say:

” No Kegels University- it’s about them now”

And the rest is is history.

I love No Kegels University™. And so many women are loving what is inside.

I want to thank you again for considering that you NEED more & DESERVE more in your Postpartum Education, Care, & Exercise.

What you will learn & experience here will not be like anything else — and that is because No Kegels University™ uses how our body works naturally & physiologically.

You are already a masterpiece– that doesn’t need to be recreated, but put back in working order.

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